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Cancelled Dwarfinators Wrestling Show To Sue Venues

September 17, 2018

This is a difficult one- because it is easy to see it from both sides. The RGA may have a point, comparing this event to a ‘freak show.’ However, there are World Dwarf Games held every four years.  Like the Paralympics do for athletes with all disabilities, these allow people with dwarfism to participate in sport safely and fairly.

Last I checked, wrestling is a sport, too. So, if people with dwarfism wish to wrestle, why shouldn’t they be allowed to do so safely and fairly, in an environment where their needs are fully met?

After all, it wouldn’t be fair to expect them to compete with people of full height. Yet I strongly believe that any person with any disability or difference has every right to participate in any sport they find interesting.

As long as all participants fully understand and consent to everything that happens, personally, I don’t have a problem with events like this one.

You may disagree. As usual, your comments are very welcome.

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  1. mark taha permalink
    September 17, 2018 2:20 pm

    I hope they win.As you say,it’s their choice and their business. No one’s forced to watch.

  2. Stephen Martin permalink
    September 22, 2018 7:34 pm

    The promoters themselves have been selling these events as a carnival sceptical not seen since the Victorian era containing mid**t wrestling and dwarf tossing. This is not sport but a freak show to go to and gawk and ridicule people with a disability.

    This type of event only reinforces the negative stereotypes of people with dwarfism. And this stereotype leads to abuse both verbal and physical.

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