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PIP Video Recording Preparations Have Begun

September 21, 2018

With many thanks to Benefits And Work.

Contrary to the belief of the Work and Pensions Committee, it appears that preparations are being made for the introduction of video recording of PIP assessments, though with no clear evidence that this is what claimants want.

Earlier this week we reported on the Work and Pensions Committee’s concern that no progress at all had been made on the issues of video recording PIP medicals or improving PIP or ESA claim packs.

However, we have now heard from a welfare rights worker who tells us that, behind the scenes, work on video recording is indeed taking place.

The worker, who has asked to remain anonymous, told us:

“Just to let you know that DWP have been working on this issue over the summer – they have been consulting with a very wide range of charities and volorgs [voluntary organisations] to get their views, and the views of service users, about the issues.

“These were both technical and policy (when would videoing start for each claimant; how many camera’s would be used as one camera would not capture two facial expressions; how would home visits be recorded; could it be turned off and restarted e.g. if client had some issues they didn’t want recorded; who would see the video; would claimant get a copy; would Tribunals want to sit through a 45 minute assessment; how long would they be kept; would they be passed over to ESA; how optional would it be; how would this fit with on-line bundles and on-line Appeals; are there alternatives and much more besides).

“It may be slow progress but it’s not no progress and I’d rather that DWP consulted and listened than just went ahead with what they think is best. They are certainly not ignoring the issue. Until these issues are resolved, actual implementation can’t be timetabled.”

Whilst it may be good news that consultation is taking place, there are clearly concerns with this approach.

Firstly, why is the consultation essentially a ‘covert’ one, with not even Work and Pensions committee being informed?

And why isn’t it a much wider consultation?

The Work and Pensions committee received an unprecedented level of responses when they asked claimants to share their experiences of PIP and ESA assessments.

So, why don’t the DWP simply ask publicly for claimants to give their views about whether they want to have their assessments recorded and, if so, whether they would prefer video or audio?

And then why not publish the responses, but with anonymity preserved?

That way everyone would know what claimants really think.

In the past, we have seen the DWP justify drastic changes to the system by claiming that they consulted widely with the voluntary sector and service users before making them. But the vast majority of claimants never get a chance to have a say and the organisations consulted with very often argue that the decisions do not reflect the feedback that they gave.

Our, admittedly tiny, sample of responses suggests that there is very little enthusiasm – and a good deal of deep concern – in relation to video recording, but a strong desire for assessments to be audio recorded.

The idea of video recording assessments seems to have been introduced out of the blue by a government minister, rather than as a result of claimant demand.

It would be infinitely preferable if claimants were openly asked for their opinion before the project becomes unstoppable.

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  1. September 21, 2018 12:00 pm

    They need to as so many assessors lied

  2. Carolyn Mellor permalink
    September 21, 2018 2:33 pm

    It’s delaying tactics because they know the assessors they gave the contracts to are not fit for purpose and they abhor transparency because it shows the obvious true targets of the assessments- to pay as little as possible to as few as possible and to target those most likely not to argue, appeal or indeed survive their arduous process and false declarations.

    It’s a pogrom. Of course they want to delay independent records of any kind.

  3. September 21, 2018 7:29 pm

    This is just FREE PORN for Public Sector Criminal Vulnerable Adult Abusers to get themselves off on.

    Still no mention of COPYRIGHT from the fakes at Benefits And Work or their DWP Buddies.
    The DWP would OWN any videos (their Property) they got their contractors (Atos Capita Maximus) to take… and use, and misuse, those videos however the hell they like. (Same is true for all the audio they’ve STOLEN).

    No mention of copyright (ownership) in their BS ‘consent’ forms –

    Using Dishonesty to make a gain for themselves (free Porn) –

    Fraud by abuse of position –

    Misconduct in Public Office –

    Their BS ‘consent’ form states –
    “Under the Data Protection Act I understand that I may only use the recording for the purposes of my own personal, family or household affairs.”


    These USES are also EXEMPT from the Data Protection Act 2018 –

    The prevention or detection of crime /
    The apprehension or prosecution of offenders /
    In connection with legal proceedings etc. –

    Public Interest Journalism –

    What the criminal abusers DON’T mention is what they WILL do…
    If you put the recording or video online they’ll email the website (or the company hosting your site) and get them to delete your whole account.
    They CAN do this, because they OWN the COPYRIGHT.

    Record/Video it all yourself (just don’t tell them, you don’t have to)… Then YOU OWN it.

    Not that it makes much difference, the criminals will just ignore it… but then crawl back under their rocks to wait for an easier victim.

    >”how many camera’s would be used as one camera would not capture two facial expressions;”

    Sounds like the criminals want to use more of their TOTAL BS (means whatever you want it to mean) Fraud Based,Quack Pseudoscience – ‘Bodylanguage’.

  4. September 21, 2018 7:41 pm

    Reblogged this on sdbast.

  5. Ala permalink
    September 27, 2018 5:32 pm

    I would find the Video recording intrusive and intimidating. I thought the talks were about introducing an audio recording?

  6. Carolyn Mellor permalink
    March 15, 2019 12:49 pm

    Has there been any actual progress on this at all? Or has it been buried and swept under the carpet?

    • March 15, 2019 4:17 pm

      Well… it all seems to be coming from DWP Fakes ‘Benefits And Work’ and ‘Disability Rights uk’

      There was this bit of DWP Propaganda on 22 November 2018 –

      “The testing of video recording of PIP assessments goes live this month, the government has announced.”

      “At this stage we also don’t know whether claimants will have the option to have the cameras switched off and sound only to be recorded.”

      I can’t find anything else, maybe they gave up. Or just do it covertly.

      Free (Criminally Obtained) Disabled Abuse Porn for public sector filth to masturbate over.

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