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A Claimant’s Diary- The Beginning Of Universal Credit

September 28, 2018

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  1. jeffrey davies permalink
    September 28, 2018 7:01 am

    aktion t4 at its best

  2. September 28, 2018 2:42 pm

    Here’s the link to the BSers ‘Story’

    A lot of words. ZERO Evidence. NOT EVEN A LINK TO THE ORIGINAL ‘DIARY’.

    So I googled the first line –
    “Universal Credit lead me back to Depression again after 9 months of therapy”
    (with the quotes)

    It’s ONLY ON

    That FAKE is just a total BSer.

    It CENSORED this comment –

    From it’s Propaganda –

  3. September 28, 2018 11:22 pm

    South Wales Police present at boat ‘sex party’ rape, trial hears –
    “The woman, who cannot be named, said she knew two of the men on the boat were (South Wales) police officers because she said they were “always bragging about it”.
    The court heard the officers were friends of Peter Griffiths, who the complainant said was a (South Wales Police) special constable at the time.”

    Shocking rise in hate crimes against disabled –

    BENEFITS MURDER Two carers ‘murdered disabled woman, 19, then claimed £182k in benefits for the next 20 YEARS’ –

    Research warns Health and Social Care services failing disabled parents –

    Disabled teen allegedly kidnapped, tortured and thrown off bridge by former friends ‘fought through terrible night’

    Scottish Government tries to polish a turd –
    Private firms axed from new Scottish welfare tests for benefit claimants –
    “Scotland’s new social security (SS) agency will carry out its own assessments of benefit claims…
    Social security (SS) minister Shirley Anne Somerville (SS) has also said Scots will have “greater choice and flexibility over their assessments”, as she addressed MSPs yesterday.

    Disabled man feels ‘driven to despair’ by DWP –

    A disabled Margate tenant forced to get by on £100 a week says he is living off water –

    ABUSE SHAME Thugs are making money posting sick videos of attacks on homeless, disabled and vulnerable drug users on Instagram –

    Disabled care home residents ruffle feathers at true blue town show with Theresa Hay scarecrow –

    Employee at Catholic School for Disabled Children in Pope’s Former Diocese Convicted of Sex Abuse –

    HOW COULD THEY? Amputee with one leg is losing his specially adapted car because DWP say he isn’t disabled enough –

    Parents of severely disabled Lichfield woman hit with tax shock –

    Disabled mum ‘barricaded’ in lounge by Asda home delivery driver –

    Lewisham Council must pay £9700 to mother of disabled student –


    “You look awfully fit to be disabled” – Cambuslang woman who has heart defect tells of distress at being verbally abused in the street –

    Spotted anyone breaking the law? Council finds ideal spot to park CCTV car to snare bad drivers… in a disabled bay for blue badge holders ONLY –

    The Most Damaging Way Movies Portray People With Disabilities –

    Grandad of disabled 7-year-old boy given parking fine for pulling up outside school to get his wheelchair inside –

    When it comes to the mistreatment of disabled people, the Tories really are ‘the nasty party’ –

    Caithness man highlights how problems for the disabled are not limited to the north-east –

    ‘A tragedy waiting to happen’: Actor slams London’s five-star Savoy Hotel over ‘shocking’ disabled facilities and clueless staff after visiting with his elderly mother –

    Council announces plans to reverse £5million disabled education budget-

    Bins take up disabled parking space at Scarborough railway station –

    Crazed pitbull burst into a disabled mother’s home and savaged her poodle Cha Cha to death in a terrifying 45-minute ordeal that left her needing surgery –

    Decision over future of disabled employment services deferred –

    Male nurse, 33, who had sex with vulnerable mental health patient in hotel ‘contributing towards’ her suicide attempt is struck off –

    Australia’s elder abuse scandal ‘beyond belief’ –

    Doctors regularly give anesthetized patients non-consensual pelvic exams— and it’s totally legal –

    Nurse prosecuted for inappropriately accessing patient records –

    Carstairs staff suspended after ‘encouraging violent patient to punch vulnerable man’ –

    Coroner to examine files into deceased Tawel Fan dementia patients –

    Doctors believe patient care has worsened –

    North West Ambulance slammed over ‘continual failure’ –

    … and Fu**ing Hypocrites of the Week – (The Daily Hate… on Sunday) –
    Why does Britain care so little for its sick and elderly? –

  4. September 29, 2018 9:15 pm

    The Union that protects the DWPs Abusing, Torturing, Murdering Hate Criminal Fraudsters is called the PCS (Public and Commercial Services Union) –

    Here are BSing FAKERS
    shadow chancellor John McDonnell,
    Labour NEC member Claudia Webbe,
    shadow work and pensions secretary Margaret Greenwood
    and DWPs – PCS Fuhrer, General Secretary Mark Serwotka.
    Spouting their BS at THE LABOUR PARTY CONFERENCE fringe event HOSTED by the
    Abusing, Torturing, Murdering Hate Criminal Fraudsters DWP-PCS union.

    Did you know that Labours Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell is CHAIR OF THE (dwp)PCS Parliamentary Group –
    “PCS has a highly active all party parliamentary group with over 70 members.”


    And that Labours Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell ❤❤❤ Total Fakers DPAC –

    It also ❤❤❤ The DWPs WCA Quacks Union Unison –

    For The Many NOT for you.

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