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Neighbours’ Sonya Cancer Story Will Be Truthful Says Eve Morey

January 30, 2019

Neighbours star Eve Morey has spoken about Sonya Rebecchi’s cancer diagnosis, promising a “truthful” portrayal of the difficult journey that now lies ahead for her.

Tuesday’s episode of the Aussie soap (January 29) saw Sonya left devastated as she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, which is now at stage four after spreading to other parts of her body.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll see Sonya remain determined to fight her illness with the support of her beloved husband Toadie (Ryan Moloney).

Speaking to Digital Spy about the storyline, Eve explained: “Neighbours walks this fine line between ‘high soap’ storylines but then also being very normal and domestic.

“Myself and Ryan both wanted this storyline to be as truthful as we could make it, within the confines of the soap genre. It’s a huge topic. It’s very relevant to a lot of people, so we wanted to find ways to bring the truth to it and get those details in, so that we’re doing it justice.

“Prior to this, there’s been so much high drama going on. It’s so preposterous, with Toadie’s dead wife, the doppelgänger, and Andrea’s mum Alice coming in as the nanny. But now Sonya is told: ‘You’ve got cancer.’

“I think everyone knows someone who has cancer or has been affected by it, so it’s a storyline that means different things to different people. I think that it’s an important story.

“It’s also important that there’s characters like Toadie and Sonya going through it, because we’ve watched them together for nine years – having a family, having young kids, going through all this stuff, and they’re not immune from it either.”

Revealing how Sonya copes with her diagnosis, Eve continued: “I think there’s a level of being in shock. Given everything that’s happened in her life so far, she thinks: ‘Is this really happening?’

“Sonya also wants to protect everyone around her. She wonders what it’s going to do to Jarrod, her daughter and her son. There’s an element of trying to be strong for all of them.

“There’s the shock and then there’s this sense of pragmatism, because she thinks: ‘If I’m practical, then I’m gaining some control over the situation that I actually have absolutely no control over.’ So I think that’s where her mind is at.”

Neighbours fans are bracing themselves for hugely emotional scenes over the next few weeks, with the storyline ultimately leading to Sonya’s exit from the show.

Eve added: “If you’re someone who invests in Toadie and Sonya, I think you’ll be pretty upset by it. But there has been such beauty that’s come out of this storyline, both off-screen and on-screen.

“I certainly felt that the whole cast, outside of their characters, were incredibly supportive of this storyline. It was everyone in the building – every crew member, every cast member – they really did everything they could to honour it.

“You’ll see the characters on screen stop and think and appreciate. You’ll also see the connection and the intensity between Toadie and Sonya. I think that’s part of what’s been their longevity together on the show. That is amplified now, even more so. So it’s awful, but I think it’s also quite good to watch.”

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