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Facebook Criticised After Blocking A Group Over A Photo Of A Naked Disabled Woman

April 10, 2019

Facebook has come under fire from disability campaigners after the social network allegedly blocked a growing group from inviting new members over a contentious photo.

Ability Access describes itself as one of Facebook’s largest disability groups, boasting over 12,000 members and a global reach of over 5 million people and 1.5 million interactions.

But a photo showing a naked disabled woman was removed by Facebook after it received over 3,000 ‘likes’ from other Facebook users.

The photo shows a naked woman who has seemingly had one of her legs amputated, but the reason behind the amputation has not been disclosed. Sadly, we’ve been unable to verify the authenticity of the image.

Photo Credit: Andrew Wood Photography, via Public Domain (Facebook).

After contacting the Facebook Marketing Team the group was allegedly told by a representative that other users could be replulsed by the image, and so it was deleted by Facebook moderators.

The moderator is said to have told the goup: “You will have to understand that some people see disability as disturbing, you will have to think about it like that”.

“I have never come across a page that promotes disability”, they added.

Group admin Simon asked: “So, to promote my page, I need to go through customer service again, because I have been banned from promoting my page on disability”.

To which the operator said: “Yes, yes”.

The group has described Facebook’s actions as “shocking and quite sad”, adding that “millions of people with disabilities use Facebook as their main communication too”.

Facebook has since apologised to the group.

“We apologies profusely to Simon Sansome and the Ability Access community that they had this experience, and wanted to take the time to help explain why this happened.

“What Mr. Sansome was told is incorrect and should not have been said. The advert in question was not rejected for featuring disturbing content.

“It was, however, rejected for depicting adult content as there is a partially covered topless female in the video.

“If Mr. Sansome is able to remove this particular image from the video, the advert would be approved and allowed to run.

“We are investigating what happened here and will provide additional training to the team that spoke with Mr. Sansome.

“This community, like many other Groups and Pages for disability in the UK, is doing great work and we’re proud that they are using Facebook to reach people.”

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