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NDIS Defends Opposition To Sex Therapy Ruling

August 5, 2019

From Saturday’s Guardian:


In an interview, Rundle also defended the agency’s decision to refuse to fund sex worker services for people with disabilities, which the government has said would not meet “community expectations”.

The agency has been criticised by disability advocates for appealing to the federal court after the administrative appeals tribunal ruled a woman in her 40s was entitled to NDIS funding for sex therapy.

“We’ve been really clear that we don’t fund sexual worker and sexual support services in the way that I believe the community understands it at least,” Rundle said.

“We do provide support for our participants in a more general sense to support them with the way that they live and their lifestyle, but we don’t fund that.”

She suggested that the scheme would fund support workers to help people access sex worker services, but not the services themselves.

“If I could use an analogy, and maybe it’s a poor one… we’ll fund a person to help take a support worker to take them to the movies, but we won’t fund their movie tickets,” Rundle said

Asked if the government had influenced the agency’s decision, Rundle said: “No, that’s an agency position. That’s a position we should take and have taken, not the government.”

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