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Coronavirus: Winterton ‘Time Capsule’ Made To Capture Lockdown Feelings

May 4, 2020

Residents of an assisted living home have made a “time capsule” that captures their emotions during lockdown.

It was created at The Old Rectory in Winterton-on Sea, Norfolk, which supports people with learning disabilities.

Contents includes a note on residents’ feelings, and crafts that have been designed while in lockdown.

It was buried last week in the hope someone would find it in the future.

The Old Rectory is home to seven residents, and support worker Taylor Goodrum said the idea came about as “an opportunity to open a conversation up about it so they could have all their questions answered” about the current crisis.

Through the project, Miss Goodrum said the staff and residents were able to speak about “what things we could do that they like doing that could make it more bearable for them”.

The group then dug a hole in the garden and placed the time capsule inside.

Miss Goodrum said: “We’ve put on there we’d like to know when it’s been dug up and who’s dug it up; whether they found it interesting and whether that far in the future coronavirus is still talked about.”

One of the residents, Paul, said he had been “finding the lockdown quite hard” and that “everything about my usual routine is changing”.

But he added: “I’m really happy to have the support of my support workers and we’ve been doing so many fun activities.”

Edel Harris, chief executive of Mencap, the learning disability charity that runs the home, said support workers “are going above and beyond to create a sense of normality and community”.

She added: “In some cases, they are the only contact some people have.

“They must be recognised on par with healthcare workers for their extraordinary response to this crisis – including being paid in line with NHS staff to demonstrate that society values the incredible work they do every day.”

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