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Woman With CP Offered Free Brand New Electric Wheelchair After Victoria Derbyshire Interview

May 4, 2020

I have just seen one of the best segments ever on Victoria Derbyshire.

A viewer, Anastasia Tempest, was being interviewed about how she is lonely and finding lockdown very difficult. Isolation, she said, is worse than her Cerebral Palsy.

She just happened to mention that she couldn’t go out even if she wanted to, because she doesn’t have a working electric wheelchair.

Then, Victoria took a phone call, in which this happened, live on air:

And then Victoria wondered how to get the chair to Anastasia, and this happened:

Victoria’s viewers really are a lovely lot. What a heartwarming story of the kindness of strangers! I have been reminded for the millionth time why I love the programme and it’s presenter so very much.

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  1. flix and chill permalink
    May 5, 2020 6:05 am

    I have chronic pain and I’m struggling to get a new mobility scooter. Thankfully I have Dad’s taxi’s and a helpful son and a son that tries to cook in a deep fat fryer and microwave only.

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