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Amputee Schoolboy Tony Hudgell Raises £320,000 For NHS

June 10, 2020

A five-year old schoolboy who had both of his legs amputated has raised more than £320,000 for the hospital that saved his life.

Tony Hudgell has new prosthetic legs and crutches and aims to walk every day in June to reach his 10km challenge.

He said he had hoped to raise £500 for charity, inspired by Captain Tom Moore.

Tony’s charity is Evelina London Children’s Hospital and thanks to supporters, including Chelsea’s Frank Lampard, he has exceeded his target.

Tony, from Kings Hill, in Kent, had to have both his legs amputated after suffering horrific injuries from his biological parents, when he was a baby.

He was treated at the Evelina Children’s Hospital in London when he was just a few weeks old and since having prosthetic legs fitted last year, his new family said he was thriving.

Tony’s adoptive mother, Paula Hudgell, said: “He saw Captain Tom walking with his frame in the garden, and he said ‘I could do that’.

“Then we decided to set this challenge and raise some money for the Evelina, that saved his life.”

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