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Possible Tourettes Treatment Made Charlie, 21, Want To Cry With Happiness

June 11, 2020

A man living with Tourette’s syndrome said he “wanted to cry with happiness” after a possible treatment was found for the condition.

Charlie Barnett, 21, took part in a University of Nottingham study which looked at how uncontrollable tics could be managed using electrical pulses.

The study found the amount and severity of Charlie’s noises and twitches decreased as he was given rhythmic electrical pulses to his wrist.

“At the first session of the stimulation, I felt as if finally, a new treatment may have been found to free myself from my Tourette’s and wanted to cry with happiness,” Charlie, from Spalding in Lincolnshire, said.

Barbara Morera Maiquez, lead author on the study, added: “The results of this study were quite remarkable, especially in those people with the most severe tics and showed that this type of stimulation has real potential as a treatment aid for Tourette’s.”

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