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Blind Woman’s Campaign Leads To Police ID Scheme Launch

September 30, 2020

A password scheme to help visually impaired people identify police officers has been launched following a campaign by a blind woman.
Tina Snow, from the Isle of Wight, was unable to see the warrant card produced by an officer at her home, and he had no other way of identifying himself.
Hampshire, West Yorkshire and Thames Valley police have now launched the Visual Impairment Protocol scheme.
It is hoped it will be rolled out across all forces in England and Wales.
Ms Snow, of Newport, said: “Last year I had a police officer call at my door…unfortunately he did not have any braille ID on him.
“I let him in and I shouldn’t have because I was taking a huge risk, as he could have been anybody.”
She then approached Hampshire Constabulary and called for the system to be reviewed.
The force has developed the new scheme, which can be used by anyone with a visual impairment or their carers, with West Yorkshire Police.
It has also been adopted by Thames Valley Police.
When a visually-impaired person calls 101 or 999 and informs the call handler they have an impairment, a password of their choice is agreed.
If an officer then visits that address, they are expected to state the password before gaining entry.

‘No good moaning’

Ms Snow said: “Hopefully the new scheme will safeguard people in the future, though it is worrying that it has taken this long.
“It doesn’t need to cost money to solve these issues.
“If you have a disability it’s no good moaning when something’s wrong. You’ve got to work with that organisation to find a solution.”
Assistant Chief Constable Craig Dibdin, of Hampshire police, said the force was working with local sight charities to improve the scheme.
He added it was hoped all 43 police forces across England and Wales would adopt the scheme in the future.
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