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November 2, 2020

A press release:


GMB union has called for drastic action from the UK government as TUC figures reaveal widening pay gap for disabled workers 

GMB, Britain’s General union have called figures released by the TUC showing a widening pay gap a “wake up call”. 

The analysis by the TUC, shows that pay gap has widened by £800 over the last year to £3,800 and that is expected to grow as Covid-19 economic crisis hits. 

The figures also revealed that disabled women are paid on average around £6,700 less than non-disabled men and disabled workers worked around 60 days a year for free.    

Nell Andrew, GMB National equality and inclusion officer said: 

“The pay gap is widening and in real risk of becoming a chasm. 

“Today’s figures must be a wakeup call to the government. Their support for disabled workers throughout this crisis has been a nothing short of negligent. 

“As the economy falls off a cliff, disabled workers face a double whammy of being more like to impacted by covid19 in the workplace, from a lack of reasonable adjustments, jobs cuts or sickness, to no real support or disability furlough package if they need to shield.  

“The Government must work with Trade Unions to build a better package of support to bridge this gap or risk a two-tier workforce in the near future.” 

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