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It’s snot what you think… Tracey Fulton debuts with an unusually heart-warming tale inspired by her nephew with cerebral palsy.

March 3, 2021

A press release:


Jensen and the Giant Snotball is a hilarious and heart-warming children’s picture book which was inspired by author Tracey Fulton’s young nephew’s experience in hospital. “Jensen has cerebral palsy and was admitted to hospital when he unfortunately broke his leg. While in hospital, he contracted pneumonia, and to save his life nurses and physios worked tirelessly to remove mucus from his chest. On one very memorable occasion, shouts of ‘Jensen, that’s the biggest snotball I’ve ever seen!’ sparked inspiration for a children’s book I hope will provide humour and happiness for readers as they follow Jensen and Snotball’s misadventures!”

When Jensen meets Snotball at the hospital the pair head out for a big adventure, past the nurses and out of the hospital, to the shops and off to the park. But Jensen knows he needs to get back quickly, else his mum and sister will be worried. Luckily Snotball is as speedy and he is sticky, and they make it back safe and sound, and just in time.

From their very first day at the hospital together, this giggling pair are the best of friends. Their naughty and fun adventures have only just begun!

Tracey Fulton lives in Durham with her partner, Steve. With four grown up children and a baby grandson, she enjoys family life. Jensen and the Giant Snotball is her debut novel, written to spark young readers’ imaginations.


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