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Disabilitease: The Disabled Performers Owning The Stage

June 17, 2021

What connects burlesque, body confidence, and people with hidden disabilities? Emma Donohoe meets the performers owning their sexuality and challenging perceptions as part of a new documentary for BBC iPlayer.

Through cabaret and burlesque they’re trying to put together a show called DisabiliTease… but it’ll be touch and go whether they can they sell enough tickets to make it succeed.

“I feel like I’m flying, don’t feel my pain anymore…a lot of people don’t think we’re sexual or have sex… it’s seen as shameful and should be hidden, [but] it’s nothing to be ashamed of,” says Dottie May, one of the performers.

Every cast member in DisabiliTease has a disability. In coming together for the first time their goal is to create a platform for people with disabilities both visible and invisible – where they can showcase their talents and find their performances empowering and liberating.

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