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Hollyoaks’ Rhiannon Clements On The Soap’s Disability Representation

July 12, 2021

Hollyoaks star Rhiannon Clements has opened up about playing Summer Ranger on the Channel 4 soap, praising the series for its on-screen representation of disability.

Summer first appeared in the village back in 2020, with the daughter of the evil Cormac Ranger soon carving out her own villainous path – something Rhiannon is proud of in more than one way.

Speaking to Enable Magazine, Rhiannon opened up about being an actress with an upper limb difference, explaining why Hollyoaks‘ on-screen portrayal of disability has been “important”.

Sharing the reaction she’s received from viewers, Rhiannon said: “My favourite part is when I get messages from people who have seen me on Hollyoaks and they have an upper limb difference, or a member in their family does, and seeing me has made them more confident. Even showing the representation has been important.”

It’s not just the visibility of Rhiannon’s limb difference that has helped, the ‘Oaks star added – it’s also the show’s decision to cast her character as a baddie.

“What is brilliant about being in Hollyoaks and playing Summer, she is a villain and that is part of the character and she’s not someone to look after,” she explained. “Just because of your physical attributes, that doesn’t dictate the type of person you are.

“Actually, this character is a nasty piece of work and it has nothing to do with her physical attributes.”

Reflecting on the impact of her role, Rhiannon added that she would continue to “give back” thanks to her new-found following from Hollyoaks.

“It is great to be able to work with Superhero Series and give back and show that we’re all in this together, and we’re battling against the lack of representation and everything that is wrong with disability representation,” she said.

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