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Frances Ryan’s Heatwave Advice

July 19, 2022

People with disabilities: ‘Don’t assume you know someone’s needs just by looking at them’

People with disabilities face a range of additional complications as a result of extreme heat that might not be obvious to other people. Guardian columnist Frances Ryan, who frequently writes about the issues facing people with disabilities, adds: “You’re more likely to be in poor housing and poverty if you’re disabled, as well as isolated, so that can also add to the dangers in heat.”

Frances suggests checking in on friends or neighbours who might be vulnerable, and advises employers: “Don’t force people into work or the commute. A lot of disabilities that are impacted by heat are invisible disabilities – such as heart conditions or fatigue – so don’t assume that you know someone’s needs just by looking at them.” For her own part, she will be following advice to stay out of the sun and stay cool by “lying in a darkened room for three days like an infirm Jane Austen character”.

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  1. Kate Joseph permalink
    July 19, 2022 1:13 pm

    I love your humour Frances,
    And YES everybody needs to be listened to and is an expert on themselves of course!
    I’m going to give the lying in a darkened room like an infirm Jane Austen character a go!!!
    See you later! X

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