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Covid Booster Jab Wait ‘Horrific’ For Woman With Learning Disability

August 12, 2022

A mother says it is “horrific” her daughter who has a learning disability has not had a Covid jab since November 2021.

Nicky Clark said Emily had not had a booster jab in spring and doctors had told her guidance had changed.

“It has caused her untold distress as she does not understand what has been going on,” Mrs Clark said.

A government spokesperson said it was important people with learning disabilities got Covid vaccines.

Emily, 25, has a severe learning disability and receives 24-hour care from a team in a home near where Mrs Clark lives in Shrewsbury, Shropshire.

She had her initial Covid vaccine after the government was advised everyone on the GP learning disability register should be prioritised in February 2021.

Emily had a booster in the November rollout and Mrs Clark said it “felt like a corner had been turned”, but then she was not called for one in spring.

“It has been horrific – it has meant she has lost access to any of the key things she does in her life,” she said.

In July, a report estimated excess deaths among people with a learning disability in 2021 compared to before the pandemic was double that of the general population and Covid was the leading cause.

The Learning Disabilities Mortality Review said people with a learning disability should be prioritised for vaccinations and boosters for Covid-19.

Mrs Clark said, given the report, she did not understand why her daughter had not been offered a spring booster jab.

“Covid hasn’t developed a conscience, it is still very much in our lives, especially those with learning disabilities,” she added.

A Department of Health and Social Care spokesperson said it held regular calls over issues for people with learning disabilities and Covid-19.

“Everyone aged five and over on the Learning Disabilities Register and adults with severe or profound and multiple learning disabilities will be eligible for a booster this autumn,” they added.

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