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Rose Ayling-Ellis: Strictly Star Unveils First Barbie With Hearing Aids

August 17, 2022

Rose Ayling-Ellis has teamed up with Barbie to release their first doll with hearing aids.

The EastEnders actor made history as the first deaf contestant to win Strictly Come Dancing in 2021.

This new Barbie doll has behind-the-ear hearing aids.

Rose, who has been deaf since birth, said: “It’s so important for children to be able to see themselves represented in the toys they play with.”

Rose added: “When I was little, I would draw hearing aids on to my Barbie dolls to make them look like me.”

Mattel, the company that make Barbie, are bringing out a new line of dolls which include the first Ken doll with vitiligo, one with a prosthetic limb and another with a wheelchair.

Rose Ayling-Ellis with a cast of diverse models who represent the new line of Barbie dolls

The company worked with experts to make sure the doll accurately portrayed the hearing aids.

Educational audiologist Dr Jen Richardson worked with the team and said: “It’s inspiring those who experience hard of hearing reflected in a doll.”

Mattel announced the new dolls were being made earlier this year. It’s all part of a drive to make the dolls more inclusive and ensure children from lots of different backgrounds feel represented.

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