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Disibility discrimination when it comes to accessing support for completion of these courses and respite care.

October 28, 2022

And the challenges that I face as a young disabled woman who just wants to access the things to improve my mental and physical well-being.

I face many barriers when it comes to courses that include residentials as the sociatal expectation is that all disabled people are rich. And charge extortionate amounts for disability services because they know that we rely on them meaning that travel and respite care and anything that requires support that you would not normally receive in your home is often financially unobtainable.

This makes us reliant on fundraising or grants in the hope that we will be able to travel or go on the course that we want to do. Whilst fundraising can be fun and rewarding at some points of it government and local social services for adults with needs or disability try to exclude us from society. This ends up being indirect discrimination because they know that if we do not have funding we cannot better ourselves and map out our future in terms of careers and travel.

Many of us with disabilities like me will be capable of future employment after education with the right support system in place. So we may cost the government now while we are in education but we will be able to contribute to it later when we have completed education and we won’t cost the government because we will have the financial means to employ our own staff and pay our own service fees.


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  1. Kate Joseph permalink
    October 28, 2022 1:56 pm

    That all makes perfect sense
    Long term and forward thinking is crucial…the Government would do well to listen to you on that way of thinking in general too. Kate

  2. Michae permalink
    October 29, 2022 8:06 pm

    A very clear explanation of some of the problems and interesting ideas on the way forward

  3. Branka permalink
    October 29, 2022 8:09 pm

    Great analysis of the problem. Lets hope the politician’s take it on board.

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