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following on from yesterday’s blog about respite and qualification

October 29, 2022

I believe that was more feasible feasible option as the cost of living wasn’t the high meaning that more people donate to causes that mattered today again disabled people have signed signed in the cost of living meaning that people like me you have cerebral palsy and other conditions that they were born with end up with respite seen as a holiday it’s rusty stable people you are in need of respite it isn’t a holiday it is opportunity to recharge people want to donate or can afford with the cost of bills and inflation to donate to the causes that matter to them as a result to this many people with disability do not get many donation if any nearly that respite is unattainable more than ever before because the government don’t see that as a necessity well yes we may have fun on me extra qualifications and residential for qualification and also travelling it is fun it is a necessity for goes that need respite care for the carers and anybody that help Priscilla Tate support as it is not just about living with a bill over your head there’s many other challenges such as who will take us to the toilet will shower we will go as disabled people that most of the government and don’t have any immediate relatives who are they do not understand me sit and unimaginable if you are not disabled or know someone who is to that extent although they may not have relatives that visibly disabled I bet you there is some relatives of people in parliament who have any visible disability such as ADHD autism and mental health issues or challenges because disability doesn’t have just one look we don’t look disabled we are not disabled we are people there is not a look to disability but people forget that many of us have a disability without people knowing it as many disabilities don’t mean you have to use walking sticks wheelchairs mobility scooters etc they might be learning mental health extreme phobias eating disorders and many more but for many of those that choose to be employed geyser government or choose to be in power in the government don’t understand what it is like for people with disabilities generally and don’t support them or people who have disabilities or at least don’t know that they may have a disability because some people don’t is they are of the older generation such as learning needs they don’t appreciate having a disability and what things you may struggle with but just learn to get on with it show me people that may see my holiday or just a nice place to travel to where we can have fun be us and not argue stability just give our care people and people with tortoise a break from the daily demand after especially those who are not employed to do this family members if you feel passionate about my story you can find my gofundme and crowd from details on stage different I would very much be welcomed and appreciated by myself so that I can complete my my most recent goal of completing my DV expedition and training residential in 2023 so that I can qualify with my DAB silver all thank you 😊💰 if you would like me to delete like page in a future blog comment and let me know but it is on the same night thank you you everybody for showing interest in my story and I would love to see how many people show in test in the future thank you for listenin

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