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Why I think respite and support should be supported by social services.

November 4, 2022

The call I am making for disability respite care and residential courses for the support to become the norm in2023 because anybody could become disabled at any time. Anywhere from car accident to broken legs or brittle bones. As the population gets older they are more likely to become disabled. As a disabled person right now it means that we need to put in the infrastructure to make people not feel bad for having disability and you needing change because of the lack of support and respite. Disabled people who need someone to stay over with them on a residential course for example like me and many other young people in their 20’s in this day and age is going to double if not triple. I believe as there are more courses available there will be more disabled people wanting to do them. We as disabled people deserve to be seen it shouldn’t be a privilege that we are able to access the same things as everybody else we should just be able to accept it like we could if we were not disabled or had different needs to other people needing someone to stay with them this is not because we want to be watched over this is because we need it because of our disability our mobility may be decreased because of a disability we were born with therefore we cannot change it. Some people may have had accidents that they also cannot change.As accidents happen as accidents do happen I believe that 2023 should be the year that respite should be offered to anyone who is disabled ànd cannot look after themselves

The government needs to grow up and open their eyes to see what it’s like for other members of the society and to see that as well as having the support to do so without having to pay the amount of fees that would be the equivalent of n buying a house just to have you our support needs met. As many support places charge into the thousands. This has to be given to you by the government without having to repeat your story again and again.As it hasn’t changed we had it from birth. I often think of ways to improve the experience for people with Cerebral Palsy but there is no choice. The miracle is that they think that Cerebral Palsy will just go away. I often tell them that if you know of a cure please tell me because there isn’t one.

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