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Saturday’s blog about respite

November 5, 2022

They should consider what we feel about it and not just what they are going to pay for respite, it should be about activities for everybody Please see my crowd funding page underneath. If you like my stories then donate, donate, donate. This Saturday’s blog is about respite and cerebral palsy and the quality that respite should be. Today we need appropriate respite rather than some that is good and some that is bad.  Remember to take respite provision seriously not just sending us to the one that is deemed appropriate by you as local social services professionals. Not just sending us to somewhere where there is no activity at all to stimulate us, and not considering what we wish to get out of our respite stays, and not giving us staff that care about our needs and we’ll being. I would like to reform this by 2028. I would like every respite place to open activities I would like to ask you please what “we” see as good respite provision and be able to timetable the one “we” choose whether it be in county or not. It should not matter as some of the ones out of county are less money for better value for money. It is unless when they send us to somewhere that doesn’t have activities and doesn’t have any games for us to participate in. We should not have to play a post code lottery for the services we attend. The local authorities just care about where they spend the least money and not about the quality of the service for that money. People who are disabled have to fight to be the leaders of there own life  whereas people who are not disabled can always illustrate there own lives. They should have a star scoring system and J system to allow us to understand what actives that are good and included in there service provision so that we can choose the right placement for our interests, needs and hobbies. 😀😂👩‍🎓☹️☹️🎓😁🛌👩‍🎓😂🛌

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