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nightlife on a Friday night with cerebral palsy.

November 12, 2022

Like many young people whether they are disabled or enabled body Friday night is party central in England anyway and I’m sure many other countries around the world or people with cerebral palsy this is no different we to make a Friday night party night too even if that is just with karaoke with our friend or a trip to the pub to see a punk concert like I did recently we are are just people that end up going out on wheels of some kind whether that be a walker or a wheelchair which has some benefits to it as we can wear heels as high as we like and don’t have to worry about walking in them Mr as a lot of us don’t walk or only walk short distances with cerebral palsy meaning that we enjoy high heels more than people who are main stream ladies because we can wear them higher than the mainstream ladies can because we don’t have to consider walking them because a lot of us either have a wheelchair that we can use or have a wheelchair that we use all the time for mobilising we can also get drunk without worrying about stumbling into a taxi because all we do is have to get weld into a taxi for people with cerebral palsy that may walk they definitely would still have access to a wheelchair meaning they don’t have to consider this either this is why you will see us in retail stores and shops buying the the most high shoes we can find with the most crazy patterns being proud of our disability and of course our high heels this is what funding support can make possible we want this possible wherever we decide to travel to we don’t want to be restricted with funds just because of our needs if we are travelling somewhere which is why I am fundraising to make the impossible possible for me whether I am on holiday or at home with my support please see my tiktok video link down below 2 to find out what I get up to on a Friday night as a 22-year old disabled woman and if you like my story as always the message is donate donate donate to my JustGiving page.


Friday night in the life of someone with cerebral palsy

♬ Forever Young – UNDRESSD

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