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second log of the weekend good quality respite looks like when I managed to fundraise for it.

November 12, 2022

what it could look like as a disabled woman receiving it is concerts attending awards and different corporate events for different volunteer jobs attending a Christmas party attending a bowling game or or just going to see a show show or play of your choice or going to Butlins just to list some of the things that I have done today with the funds I managed to raise this allows me to have the same experiences talking quotes as many of my non-disabled friend has believe it or not I have friends that aren’t disabled because as disabled adults we are allowed to do that we don’t just have cab grand that are only disabled we can have a mix of mainstream and disabled friend that understands our conditions but I pound if your friends friends they will embrace you wholeheartedly and understand your differences even though so they may be more restricting and there’s as a mainstream student can walk run etc this can include things like Butlins going to concerts events at just awards e.t.c. volunteering in my community and joining in in with mainstream people as well as disabled people it is believe it or not we’re not just a wheelchair we are person our life isn’t our wheelchair or wheelchair is our legs and joining in in projects for mainstream people as well as disabled people because believe it or not I like isn’t her wheelchair I will chair is our legs and our freedom and so are our personal assistant so this is why I am fundraising to give me freedom anywhere I go now and in the future especially when it comes to education training or holiday as I love to travel like any adults my age I am not the same as you but I like the same things as adults in my age group and adults which I study with we have things in common I’m no different because I’m in a wheelchair they just use legs and have to worry about the highest high heels if this is what they choose to where where where where is I going to have to worry about these things we have different priorities but the same hobbies we have different measures we have to put in place for our independent but we can still have it just may need a little extradition to aid our independent we like make-up for me that are bright colours such as neon pink especially when I went to a Butlins big Weekender 1-year ago I love spring my hair neon green last Halloween 2 and wearing bright coloured high heels and dresses at the weekend. When i went in the clubs and see the Artist. Respite means to me please be my colouring videos that I have together to spray how much is a brand new restaurant to my life when I have storage in the path beyond stay tuned for next week about my last TV expedition thank you.

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