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all ready for choir this morning

November 17, 2022

getting ready for our Christmas show at the moment at kettles I am a participant in the choir there and I’m part of a family and a very supportive one at that alongside my own family if you are interested in my story please donate donate using my just giving link thank you this will be going towards my DVD and the trailer for it thank you I’m proud to put on my t-shirt each week represent and the hard work they do down at crystal clear data I also love being so very much looking forward to the Christmas shows and the songs and carols we will spend there this means a lot to me and look to the other participant switch everything wrong it gives me the confidence to be seen and heard even though some of our singing is not the best but we all enjoy it as a group and as the collective ☃️☃️☃️☃️☃️☃️🏗️🤩🤩🐱🐱
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