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Attending the open event for learning disability festival and planting with earthworks

November 19, 2022

well I was at the opening event for the learning disability testable we had a circus specialist come in the shower many things they used to do Circus trick with and how they use them and she let us to have a go at using them ourselves here is the video of me using the diablo which is like a giant yo-yo but school the circus profession is a giant yo-yo but extraordinarily larger and have to stick instead of you just bouncing it by the screen I enjoyed this and learnt how to bounce it effectively I also planted with earthworks who had a stall at the moment just to be ready festival I planted people aren’t in a disposable coffee cup they were seeds that I and then they grew into a big peacock earthwork support adults with learning disabilities to gain employment will be there to bilty garden centre as well as running stalls at events such as the learning disability festival I enjoyed this and got covered in soil and earth and got to take my people aren’t seeds home in the disposable coffee cup events like the learning disability festival focus on creating a world where learning disability people or people with conditions that can come with associated learning disability are not seen as a convenient nuisance and are supported to exist in regular street corners in regular houses with the right support where can panning for change and more respect for people with learning and physical disability churches encouraging people not to bully people with a learning disability and explaining to them what a learning disability can me and showing them every learning disability is different and every person in this world has a different lifestyle and different way they live so therefore having learning disability is not odd is not to be found upon and these just a regular thing this means that people with a learning disability can down the street proud of having a learning disability rather than Shane do it lucky for me I only have learning disabilities associated with cerebral palsy but for many people they are autistic as well well which leads to a lotto playground bullying but sometimes from adults who should know better that are disrespectful and unkind to these types of people what they don’t do you to realise is we all have a different lifestyle people with learning disabilities have a different lifestyle to and that lifestyle obviously and learning disability what are your thoughts and opinions on this? As I would love to hear many sort feelings and opinions from people with a learning disability either associated with the condition or not and their families and caregivers that supports them please see my videos and pictures below to see how the possible for me as a part of it in Hertfordshire in August

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