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Circus skills and me during Shakespearean in in the circus skills workshop provided by the learning disability testable organisers for the opening day

November 19, 2022

plate spinning pictures with the circus skills workshop 🤣

also during the festival I got to try out some plate spinning for the first time which I found difficult to actually keep up in the air like you’re supposed to using my hand eye coordination a bit more that day she try my best at all the circus at including the plate spinning ended up on the floor I was proud of myself but I managed to bring it on there for a short duration of time circus skills is something I would like to do more of as they do amazing things with slightly unusual things to do tricks I would like to add a whoopee cushion to that to the clicks next time to make my chair far as I do my dick I can imagine me becoming the circus maybe a dream that’s a bit party weeks good to go thank you to everybody that to read and watch my videos thank you you for all my followers and commented who chosen to pay me compliments about the seas I do and my busy lifestyl

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