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Company camping for a college course or D of E

November 19, 2022

Make sure you always go out in groups of 6 if possible in case of emergency make sure you take take if you are all weather camper and experience in how to keep warm in a tent in the winter because remember there’s no central heating and less you are glamping this is why it is important to write a list when going camping just in case things and the the clothing that will be most appropriate according to the weather forecast and a thinner or thicker set of clothes just in case the weather changes suddenly and unexpectedly this is so that you don’t end up hyperthermic or overheating if you go in the summer you also have to take your food camping stove and camping gas to ensure you you have adequate food intake especially if you are doing orienteering whilst you are there air and make sure you either have enough cut and dry wood to create a campfire or that your campsite provides you with an outdoor tyre pit to cook marshmallows sausages and other camps favourites on make sure it’s got the essentials that you need important so for me that was a decent disabled toilet and shower or just in case this is important to me because my disabilities but different essentials will be important for different people for different reasons this means for me call my morning routine I will make sure I have enough tea bags to fill up a blast and then enough tea bags to least three cups when returning back to the site where I am come but just my personal preference to make sure I have that and my class with me at all times on expedition and just in daily life this means that I will be taking a suitcase and the duvet whether they are grilled with that or not I don’t care what would you take with you?



comment your company essentials down below or anything you find useful while camping how to stay warm in particular with my cerebral palsy world camping any body got any tips or tricks please comment below p🏕️👩‍🦼🤣🍵☕☕🛎️☕🏨♨️

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