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D of E camping DAB is an outdoor experience

November 19, 2022

you learn how to cook outdoors on camp wash up and how to clean up after yourself and for me as a person with the disability that is where I learnt alongside my residential placement at school to wash up dryer and things like how much washing up liquid to use when washing up and what temperature to have the water up in my washing up bowl when I am preparing to do the washing up I also learnt how to use a sleeping bag and how to cook marsh mello no on the ham cooker how to pack for outdoor pursuit and how to navigate and you directions left right x x I don’t necessarily need gadgets to live my life in the way iTunes I loved it and experience but discovered that I will never go camping after I passed my levels of D of E that I wish to show me some images of what utensils are used except when I went camping on my tip with my school

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