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and my girl, how do you social care level two extended certificate to go to not leverage in August to go to the Popworld Mencap club night as I have never been to pop round and would love to go for more time volunteering. I have been offered an opportunity to Lonsdale which is where are used to go to school today adulthood conference to explain what I don’t like as someone who used to be alone. So cool, but now has been out of school for four so I am excited to do that alongside my headteacher and some of the support staff that used to support me as a child at school I feel honoured to take on this opportunity complete my silver do you me this summer so that I can move onto the final level of POV this next two years. #Joe #SarahBecauseHeHasTakenHerToGoToPurchasePrice to school with younger #PreparingForAdulthood #8 pmCall #LondonNow

February 28, 2023

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