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Mario princess, 30 I am off to help young will be leaving school and will become adult likes me. #Community #SpecialNeedsSchoolCommunityEvenAnAdult #CommunityForever #LongDoes Life #Memories #AtSchool #ForeverGratefulForMyHeadteacherAndCommunityIbuprofenAtTheSchoolBreakthroughForever and will always over them to remind Brandom, not in a manic present. That’s what I want. That’s so good for me while and feel honoured that they still take me to give me this opportunity because they’re not known as my Grumman, I known as Maya would 23 study and hold the in one of their independent learning for living four days a week on independent schools, right loading a washing machine cooking going shopping like in independent and turn off the can and cannot delete and when you asked for help and went to try and be as well now I am on Main Street student who honestly couldn’t that she would be a mainstream student when she first finished her time at school, but because of my girls termination of where is my iPhone I have now been doing special needs school shoes for I have now finished special-needs courses and doing my history for about 2 1/2 years and I am forever. Grateful for those that supported me in my nightmares to make me the person I am today I am also Independence #HeadteachersThatBullyABullyAndYouWillLetYou

February 28, 2023

special needs school, Anderson

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