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What I Will Be Doing for the Respite Element of the Summer, With the Help of Your Donations

April 16, 2023

I will be going to Mersea Island Disability Festival which involves going to the East of England and they don’t do anything similar near my county. Again, the government won’t fund any respite care other than the unit they say they will fund, which isn’t suitable for my needs as I like to be doing activities and socialising, and they don’t offer these opportunities themselves or in the communities surrounding it. They say that this local unit meets my needs, even though I know it doesn’t as I have been before. But they don’t care about the fact it doesn’t meet my needs socially, emotionally, or physically, as many of the service users there are more disabled than myself, and they don’t allow access to the local community where I would prefer to be given access to this, as I could go shopping and maybe even go to the pub as that is what people my age like to do. They seem to have the attitude “you’re lucky you get respite” even though it’s not appropriate respite. They say they are here for my family, but by not supporting me properly, they aren’t supporting my family! They seem to think the only activity people there want to do is sit, drink tea, and watch daytime television.

I am also going to stay in a hotel with a support person, in a place that has a bath as this helps my cerebral palsy, stiffness, and pain. The government won’t fund a bath in my home either, as apparently a shower is adequate bathing facilities, despite doctors evidencing the benefits of having a bath for my cerebral palsy. People with cerebral palsy that have access to a bath will understand how much of a therapeutic relief it is to get into a bath. They don’t seem to care about anything to do with my comfort, all they care about is their purse strings it seems! I’m hoping when they change the system later this year, I can be reassessed and able to get a bath in my home. I have baths at my Grandad and Grandmas house now, but they are going out of the country very soon for 3 months, which means I will no longer have access to their bath as they’re not there to help lift me into their bath. This is why I will pay for an accessible bath when I am away, as well as doing my qualifications which I have spoken about in previous posts.

Here is my link if you would like to support me to have some adequate respite over summer ❤ thank you ❤

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