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Where I Would Like to Visit on Holiday in the Future, and Why – My Five Year Plan of Visiting These Places

April 17, 2023

Place Number One: Ibiza

I would like to travel on the Eurostar there as I believe you can do that. I want to go there because of the party scene just like most other people in their 20s! I would love to do a foam party and a party cruise while there. I would also like to get a massage at a spa on the beach in the sun. The photos below are what I imagine each place to be like.

Place Number Two: Greece with Limitless Travel

I want to see as much of the world as I can and go travelling like every other person who doesn’t have a disability, and prove to people it can be done, because for me, there is no such word as can’t or cannot! That is a word that is in too many people’s vocabulary in this day and age. I believe the water in the sea is very clear from what I’ve seen in pictures of Greece which is another reason I would like to go there.

Place Number Three: Blackpool

I want to visit Blackpool so I can experience the Pleasure Beach and play games like Hook a Duck, Apple Bobbing, and Tin Can Alley.

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