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Would The Partner Of Your Dreams Have To Be DisAbled?

December 29, 2010

I’ve just received an email version of this article from the New York Times, and it made me think. I thought, for a bit of holiday season fun, I’d start a discussion topic here.

So, the topic of discussion is… my old favourite. Life, love and DisAbility. For those who have a husband/wife/partner: Are they DisAbled? Do they share your DisAbility? Have you ever had a relationship with a non disabled person?

For those who have not yet fallen in love, or don’t currently have a long term partner: Would you rather have a DisAbled partner? Have you ever had a relationship with a non disabled person? Would/has your partner have to share/shared your disability?

Personally, I would much rather meet a person who had a disability or shared my disability than someone who had no disability. I know how strong the connection between people who have such a big part of their lives in common is. I can’t see myself being happy with someone who does not understand the biggest part of my life, and I feel that really understanding something so big only comes from sharing it.


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