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Disability News: The Year In Review

December 31, 2010

In January Geoff Holt’s Impossible Dream came true

He sailed alone across the Atlantic so blue

In February a wheelchair user became a Baroness

She’s Tanni Grey-Thompson, Paralympic star, no less!

In March, as we looked forward to a General Election,

Of disability policies, I published a selection

In April blind footballers kicked a cat into a tree

Everyone went mad- it was an advert on TV!

In May we lost our disabled Prime Minister

He was replaced with someone whose views are very sinister

In June we celebrated carers for a week

Without them, where would we be?

In July a policeman lost his eyesight

Because a gunman went mad, that’s just not right

In August I heard of an acid attack

Two sisters lost eyesight, and may never get it back

In September I heard the story of Beatrice Howden

She wants an electric wheelchair, but doesn’t know when

In October Nadine Dorries said we should get off Twitter

And get jobs- many were very bitter

In November the Talking Book turned 75

A wonderful invention that’s improved so many lives

In December an activist was pulled from his wheelchair

By a policeman, of all people. It’s been quite a year!

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