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UK Appointed Disabilities & Claimants Anti Discrimination Task Force For ATOS Public Inquiry

April 29, 2013

I was sent a link to their Facebook page yesterday and thought UK readers might be interested to know this is out there.

On the authority of the Worldwide Chair and within the Constitution of The International Human Rights Commission a task force has been set up to collate information, monitor, investigate and press for public enquiry and Justice.

Under the leadership of and in conjunction with The sub commission International Human Rights Commission for Children, Youth and Women’s Issues under The Presidency of His Lordship, Sir Leslie R Angell, High Commissioner of the IHRC and Ambassador to The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

There is much concern about assessments orchestrated by DWP and made by ATOS whereby claimants benefits have been refused, cut, refused or incorrect. In many cases Courts of Coroners Enquiry have found that people may have taken their own lives following assessments and rulings by ATOS assessors.

Allegations have been made that assessments have been unfair, incorrectly carried out and over 34% have been overturned on appeal with many claimants just not bothering to go through the unacceptable protocols and red tape that the appeals process entails.

This task force as authorised by The world wide chair after some months of consideration is to work with pressure groups and other organisations whom are working independently, it is therefore the wish of this organisation to allow a cohesive enjoining together to call for public enquiries and policy/protocol changes to ensure that people’s rights under Human Rights legislation are enforced and maintained.

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