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A Review Of Alex Brooker: My Perfect Body

August 1, 2013

Tonight, readers, something amazing happened on Channel 4. Disabled presenter of the London 2012 Paralympics and hilarious news programme The Last Leg presented a programme on his own for the first time since I have heard of him. And it wasn’t just any programme either- it was a documentary that charted his personal weight loss challenge before a boys’ holiday with his friends.

It also covered more general issues related to male body image, mens’ magazines, metrosexuality, and, very interestingly for this female, male eating disorders. I hadn’t realised before just how common male eating disorders are, but as with every important issue, I was very pleased to see awareness being raised of this.

Alex also went to meet a male porn star and his producer to find out whether being a porn star means a person is more satisfied with their body and their looks than others. So, readers, the programme contains a couple of mild porn scenes.

Alex Brooker has a very obvious disability, so of course, he could not completely ignore this in the programme. At one point, he spoke movingly about a time in his life when his weight meant he needed to use a wheelchair. Since disabled people are more likely to be obese, it was very good to see the very important issue of disability and obesity covered through Alex Brooker who is disabled and, before the programme, was obese. However, the best part about the programme was that at no point did it focus on Alex’s disability. At no point were we given the impression that Alex had put on the extra weight because he was disabled.

The only negative thing I have to say about the programme was that there was a short scene in which Alex was being pulled along by what looked a bit like a lead. This seemed unnecessary and reminded me a little bit of a sketch from the second episode of I’m Spazticus. However, this was a very short clip which was not mentioned again.

Readers, when the Paralympics ended and with them, the new disabled presenters Channel 4 had brought in left our screens, I personally hoped that we would get to see those presenters back. I hoped that Channel 4, and other channels, might allow them to present programmes that were not necessarily disability related. Channel 4 must be thanked for making this wish of mine come true again tonight, by screening this documentary, and by using it to show viewers that Alex Brooker is just a bloke who had a bit of weight to lose because he likes beer and Nandos, and that he has a busy life no matter what his arms look like or how many legs he has.

If you missed the programme, you can catch up on it here.

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  1. Paul permalink
    August 2, 2013 1:45 am

    I am Paul, I was featured in the documentary talking about my eating disorder. I am very pleased I helped you to realise how common eating disorders are in men and that my story has helped raise awareness of this issue.

  2. samedifference1 permalink*
    August 2, 2013 11:55 am

    Hi Paul

    Thanks very much for commenting.

    Best wishes


  3. Graceygirl permalink
    June 6, 2014 12:25 am

    Alex wasn’t being pulled on a lead he was the one pulling someone behind him on a lead whilst he ran … It’s a fitness training excercise !


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