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Template Letter Of Complaint For ATOS Nurses

October 21, 2013

I found this here. I thought some of you, or someone you know, might find it useful.

Complaint to the Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC)





Complaint relates to: (name of nurse etc.)


NMC Reference Number: (if you have it)


Complaint is in relation to: dishonesty, misrepresentation and malpractice whilst in the employ of Atos Healthcare


Complainant: (your name)


Email/address: (your email or address)


Illness and/or disability:


Complaint details:


Following the usual procedure for an ESA benefit claim, made because of a long-term, medically documented disability and illness, I supplied:




1)    An ESA50 form detailing my illness and disability, and completed and signed by myself and my GP

2)    Supplied additional medical evidence regarding medication and side effects

3)    Supplied additional information from my Specialist/Social Worker/Carer

4)    Supplied additional information regarding how my illness or disability affects peoples lives, via Fact Sheets or Information Booklets supplied by the organisation or charity that represents my disability or illness



Further to my supplying the DWP with this information, the Atos HCP – in this case, Mr, Miss, Ms, Mrs (delete whichever is not applicable and put the HCP name here) – produced a report that contradicted all other evidence supplied by me without having seen me face to face, or contacting me in any other way.




The assessment was conducted by an Atos HCP – in this case, Mr, Miss, Ms, Mrs (delete whichever is not applicable and put the HCP name here) without regard to the regulations, as sections of the WCA report form were left blank, answers given were cut short, misrepresented and/or left from the form completely. Additional information regarding my illness or disability was offered but not accepted or ignored.


The documentation I have obtained, regarding said report, indicates that (again put HCP’S name) did not contact my GP for further clarification or information (as required to do under the regulation pertaining to these assessments), unless the Atos HCP is a specialist in this particular disability or illness, which he/she is not.


This medical report was used by the DWP to deny me the benefit to which I am entitled. And has caused a deterioration in my health, anxiety and stress, as well as financial hardship.


Furthermore, the report has: (again, take out or add to the relevant points)


a)    Left blank descriptors that apply to me

b)    Ignored medical evidence

c)    Contradicted evidence supplied by a more qualified medical practitioner and/or specialist

d)    Has incorrect information regarding my personal details

e)    Been completed by someone with no specialist knowledge of my illness or disability

f)     Completed by someone who is not a qualified GP, doctor or specialist


Aside from (HCP’s name here) willingness to offer his/her medical opinion on a subject that is beyond their qualification, this person has either:


i)   Willingly omitted or added information that has enabled the DWP to deny me the benefit to which I am entitled, or

ii)   Has produced a report of a poor standard, and in breach of legislation, due to maladministration and/or a failure to understand the scope of their qualifications with regard to the matter they were tasked with.


It is very worrying that an NMC-registered health care provider is behaving in this manner for financial gain, without thought or cares for the devastation their dishonesty and/or maladministration leaves in their wake. I would hope that you deal with this matter with urgency and rigour, as I won’t be the only person who has had my life ruined by this person.


(Keep this in only if it applies) It is also of some concern that this ‘medical report’ was then overruled at reconsideration/appeal, indicating that it was not fit for purpose to begin with.


I can provide copies of all documentation involved in this process, should you require it.




(Your name here)




Pay careful attention to the words in red, remove them from the final letter or change to black the relevant parts and remove the rest.


Send the complaint to:


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