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What will the Tories suggest next. “Compassionate” eugenics?

April 16, 2015

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68196_116423458427191_5364492_nThe Tory parliamentary candidate for Cambridge, Chamali Fernando sparked outrage and horror after saying mental health patients should wear wristbands to identify their conditions. Fernando was speaking at a hustings event hosted by the campaign group Keep Our NHS Public when she made the comment.

Andy Burnham, Labour’s Shadow Health Secretary, said: “There has been an enormous amount of work in Parliament to challenge the stigma surrounding mental health. But comments like this are so disappointing – they set us back and remind us how far we have to go. Jeremy Hunt must disown these comments, instruct his candidate to apologise and make it clear that they form no part of Conservative Party policy.”

“This proposal shows the candidate’s harmful views on mental health,” Disability and Mental Health Adviser at University of the Arts, London Annabel Crowley said.

Research carried out by the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience…

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  1. April 16, 2015 9:58 am

    The Nazis had a phrase for those sick, disabled unable to work ” Useless Eaters” and the Tory cuts on welfare is going down the same road

  2. The Infamous Culex permalink
    April 16, 2015 10:16 am

    Actually, no; the term “useless eaters” was only one of their excuses for Aktion T4. Another was to call such people “ballast bodies” but the commonest term was “Lebensunwertes Leben” (a form of life, unworthy of life).


    The cynical may wonder if this is already part of DWP policy.

  3. April 16, 2015 12:09 pm

    Compassionate eugenics is the current law where neither patient nor next of kind are required by law to be informed that in hospital a doctor has placed a DNR on their medical treatment notes.

    Although what is compassionate in dying from thirst, that can take over a week, or starving to death that can take several weeks. Whilst nurses drink and eat in front of the patient.

    This instructs nurses and hospital health care assistants not to feed or keep well watered, a patient in their care.

    It is called the Liverpool Care Pathway and is done against patients even if not terminal.

    This is the danger of the right to die legislation, already used under prejudices against the disabled and the elderly, who have DNRs put on them even if walking the ward and nowhere near death.

    The Nazis took away and individually killed their fellow German disabled and the elderly as well as mental home patients, as well as those in eastern Europe once occupied by the Gestapo.


    Yougov polling prediction:

    277 Labour

    264 Tories

    28 Lib Dems (although this could call to as low as 19)

    326 MPs minimum threshold for a party to form a UK parliament.

    This means the Tories are obliged by the rules to sit in power in a caretaker government.


    Very old pensioners, the bulk left of voters, will vote the same they always have and bring in the bulk of the so-called big parties.

    The rest of us can vote different this time, for entirely different parties.


    You will not see these in national press or TV news. Why?

    Because most voting areas had the bulk of voters not bothering to come out, as they just did not comprehend that voting different no longer is a problem. Only a group of parties can ever form a government again in the UK parliament.

  4. Nick permalink
    April 16, 2015 1:17 pm

    once eugenics is rolled out by the conservatives then the public will have to decide on which path they wont for the future. the end of the sick and disabled would leave the rest of society comfortably off that is true as would the end of the NHS that would leave the the uk a very rich society but you to remember that the powers to be in the EU would never allow that to happen

    This thing with the sick and disabled is driven by a hard line conservative ideology and has always been around lurking in their dark souls and in reality will never go away

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