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Independent Living Fund Protest Goes To PMQs

June 24, 2015

Protesters have attempted to enter the House of Commons chamber during Prime Minister’s Questions.

The group, campaigning against the end of the Independent Living Fund, were prevented from getting in by police.

BBC assistant political editor Norman Smith said there had been a “concerted rush” by a group of protesters towards member’s lobby, the room outside the Commons chamber.

The doors were quickly closed on the chanting protesters, he said.

Prime Minister’s Questions continued inside the chamber.

One protester told BBC News the Independent Living Fund, which is due to be closed on 30 June, was “vital for the lives of disabled people”.

The fund provides support for some 18,000 people and is worth £320m. Its closure has been challenged in the courts, but was ruled lawful by the High Court in December.

Ministers say the vast majority of disabled people with care needs are already looked after through the adult social care system.

Kate Belgrave was there- she took videos and pictures.

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