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Home And Away: Maddy Osborne To Become Disabled In Upcoming Storyline

May 5, 2016

While British fans of Australian TV legend Home And Away are anxiously awaiting the reveal of Charlotte King’s killer, Same Difference has just discovered that there is a disability storyline due to hit Summer Bay in the near future, too.

After a shocking explosion at the Caravan Park, Maddy Osborne will reportedly need to have her arm amputated. Spoilers for soon to air episodes reveal that Maddy and her boyfriend Matt Page will struggle with their ‘new reality with a disability.’

This doesn’t surprise our editor, who has been a lifelong fan of Home And Away.

Because the only thing our editor dislikes about Home And Away is the programme’s inability to cover disability issues realistically enough.

Everyone who becomes disabled in Home And Away eventually either gets their miraculous cure or leaves the show soon after their incident. Most recently, Josh Barrett woke up to find he had miraculously regained his lost eyesight and Hannah Wilson began walking again after just a few months of physiotherapy.

In the less recent past, Dexter Walker went through an experience similar to Hannah’s after an acquired brain injury. Sally’s daughter, Pippa Saunders, went overseas for treatment for her genetic disorder. Earlier Gina Austin’s autistic son, Brendan, was sent to a home and rarely mentioned again.

But, as any amputee will tell you, amputated limbs don’t grow back. So how will Home And Away handle this one? Will Maddy suddenly drop out of University to leave the Bay for good? Will Matt end their relationship? Or will she come home from hospital in a month, complete with  prosthetic arm?

Maddy is the foster daughter of Summer Bay legend Roo Stewart, though- so- shock horror- could Home And Away finally be about to get its first long-term character with a physical disability?

Same Difference certainly hopes so. Should our editor hold her breath? We somehow doubt it.


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