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Sense Responds To Government Announcement About Scrapping Retesting For Chronically Ill ESA Claimants

October 3, 2016

A press release:

Sickness benefits claimants will no longer have to go through reassessments to keep their payments if they suffer from chronic illnesses

(03/10/2016) Disability charity, Sense, has welcomed the announcement from the Work and Pensions Secretary, Damian Green, that reassessments for chronically ill claimants will be scrapped.

The Government have said that the Employment Support Allowance (ESA) will continue automatically for those who have lifelong, severe health conditions with no prospect of improvement.

The testing process, which includes reassessing conditions every six months, has come under intense criticism for failing some of the most seriously ill and disabled.

Sense Policy Advisor, Jasmine Basran, said: “The reassessments cause stress and anxiety, so we welcome the news that they’ll be scrapped for some of the people we support.  However, this will only apply for some ESA claimants, and we await the full details on who will qualify for continuous payments without reassessment. It’s good to see, though, that the Government have listened and recognised that there need to be changes made to better support the needs of disabled people, including scrutinising the work capability assessment.

We often hear from disabled people who want to work, and are able to work, but are prevented from doing so because of the barriers that exist. This is a great opportunity, with the formation of the new Government, to adopt a new approach on how we help disabled people get into work and realise their aspirations.”

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  1. October 3, 2016 2:16 pm

    i think we should believe it when we see it. personally i don’t believe it and that people will still slip through the cracks to their deaths just like now

  2. Mike permalink
    October 5, 2016 6:29 pm

    I am on definite award of DLA high rate for care and mobility with a full time carer. I have a degenerative illness that I have been told by my G.P so t get any better. I am claiming ESA and I am in the support group. I got a letter from Dwp saying I had to be reassessed for my Esa. I was astounded at the stupidity of it all after all Esa WCA is only a “fit to work” test a ” capability to work” assessment call it what you will but I am not gonna pass either of those tests if I am assessed correctly and fairly and not hoodwinked by Maximus. People failing cus they read a magazine while awaiting assessment this thing is crazy they twist everything (maximus) and will push always to make you fit for work if they can turn your positives into twisted negatives like they do. However I am wise to these companies I have done my homework and read more true life stories and heard peoples experiences of the manic turns their assessments have been turned against them for the worse. I have read the WCA handbook and studied Lima the software maximus use to assess us for the Esa WCA. I for one will not let them get away with any underhand tactics they will try and pull on me that they do with other people. Anyway I got an appointment for 8th Sept. And so I wrote to the centre of health and disabilities and told them of my DLA claim and award but they said it was the Dwp that made the decision to call claimants for reassessments. So I asked if I could have the assessment recorded and I got a phone call 4 days later saying my appointment had been rearranged for the 28th Sept how strange? Anyway meanwhile I had wrote to the Dwp complaining that I should not be reassessed for my ESA under my circumstances but kept in the support group and a paper decision would be made instead of having a face to face assessment for the WCA. They replied after 2 weeks saying everyone has to have an assessment as even people on DLA/pip with high rate care and mobility could still work! Are they for real? They did not say or should I say they avoided the question I asked them “even people with a full time carer” as I told them I had. So another letter went back to them telling them I was not satisfied with their answer and if people on high rate care and mobility for DLA/pip on life/infinite awards with a degenerative illnes with a full time carer DID indeed work then I want statistics because I don’t think a person like that exists and I told them do. I await the Dws’s answer from that still yet to come. I can’t wait to see what rubbish they come up with next time!! Who, for crying out loud works with severe pain with a carer? It’s laughable, really… I emailed centre of health and disabilities and told them I had a dispute in about the appointment on the 28th Sept (or any really) and that perhaps they should postpone appointment’s until they hear or I hear otherwise from Dwp but they ignored my email and 2 days before my assessment I emailed them again (maximus) and said I would attend their farce of an assessment but if they kept me waiting more than 10 minutes after my appointment or felt intimidated or harassed throughout the assessment I would put in a formal complaint. My mail again was ignored. Meanwhile the day of the 28th came along and I get a phone the very morning from maximus saying due to “staff shortsges” they had to reschedule my appointment again. How strange? So then I tell them I am still waiting to hear from Dwp regarding dispute but I got a letter anyway this time an appointment for the 28th Oct. I see that a ruling had gone through parliament about people not been reassessed with severe degenerative illnesses like me. So maybe now the Dwp will pay more attention to my letter about not been reassessed. I await their answer. What I want to say is keep the fight up don’t ever be on the same step with the Dwp/maximus/Atos .. why? Because you can’t be on the same step as them you have to be ONE STEP AHEAD.

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