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Brothel Owner Says Westworld-Style Sexbots Could Be Available In Brothel Before 2020

October 10, 2017

A press release, that we publish with this discussion , on how sex robots can help disabled people, in mind. Thoughts welcome, as always.


Dennis Hof, owner of the Moonlite Bunny Ranch and six other legal brothels throughout the state of Nevada, has announced that he is exploring and embracing advances in sex technology that could lead to sexbots available at the Bunny Ranch as early as 2019, working side by side with human sex workers.


“I’ve always been an innovator in the sex space,” Hof said. “When I took legal prostitution out of the shadows and into the limelight with my reality TV series Cathouse, and reimagined Nevada’s legal brothels as lavish sex tourism destinations for men, women, and couples from all walks of life, I changed the culture of legal prostitution for the better, and was very successful doing it.”


“The next great innovations in our industry will not only be cultural, but also technological,” Hof said. “Sex robots are here to stay, and the technology is further along than most people think. I want the Bunny Ranch to be a testbed for this cutting edge sex tech — and if our clients like them, Bunny-Bots will be a part of the experience offered at my brothels going into the next decade.”


If the technology continues to advance at the current rate, Hof says that the robots available at the Bunny Ranch could be more than merely amped-up sex toys.


“The companies I’m in discussions with are constantly perfecting their sex robots to be the most physically satisfying sex partners on the market, but it’s the advancements they’ve made in Artificial Intelligence that may truly change the game in the upcoming decades,” Hof said.


“The ‘Girlfriend Experience,’ where a client and sex worker share conversation and intimacy in addition to great sex, is the most requested session at the Bunny Ranch,” Hof said. “A few tech companies are already experimenting with artificially intelligent and interactive sex robot applications, so upcoming generations of sex robots just might be able to connect with Bunny Ranch clients on this intimate level and satisfy the emotional needs of brothel customers.”


Some working girls at the Bunny Ranch disagree with Hof’s assessment.


“It’s insulting,” says Tiara Tae, a popular working girl at the Bunny Ranch who dislikes the idea of introducing the newest technology into the world’s oldest profession.


“You can’t program a robot to sympathize with every client’s unique psychological situation or to sense what a customer subconsciously needs sexually and emotionally. The experience we offer is not a simulation of intimacy and empathy, it’s genuine.”


“I’m not thrilled about the prospect of sharing the stage with an appliance,” Tae said. “It’s challenging enough competing with dozens of other working girls, now I have to compete with the Terminator too?”


Tae believes that introducing sex robots into brothels may cause working girls to go on strike.


“We have never gone on strike before, but I can see working girls standing up against sex robot ‘automation’ of our very human industry if this happens,” Tae said.


Not all sex workers at Hof’s brothels are opposed to the idea of sex robots joining the Bunny Ranch lineup. Alice Little, the top earner of Hof’s pool of over 500 working girls, has a different perspective.


“I don’t see sex robots as my competition, as much as a tool that I can use to augment my client’s experience.” Little said.


“We work with a lot of adult virgins with extreme levels of shyness and very limited sexual experience,” Little said. “Many of these virgins are very nervous when they’re with a woman for the first time, and could benefit from having a transitional sexbot to ease them into intercourse with a human woman.”


“Also, how cool would it be to have a threesome with a robot!” Little said.


Currently, Hof splits all revenue 50/50 with the working girls at the Bunny Ranch, so the financial advantage of having non-human sex workers “on staff” are not lost on the brothel owner.


“We’re still in the early stages of estimating the potential financial impact of robo-prostitution,” Hof said. “But if the future unfolds as we expect, sex robots may do for the Bunny Ranch what the iPhone did for Apple.”

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  1. AliB permalink
    October 10, 2017 10:12 pm

    The use of another human being for sex is thoroughly degrading and dehumanising, it fuels human trafficking and slavery and should be outlawed. I can’t see how sex robots, primarily female shaped as they will undoubtedly be, can possibly help with the fight against misogyny and the wider sex slavery trade in general. Far better to look for ways to be inclusive in the real world and in real relationships. No-one needs sex to survive but love WITH sex should be promoted for all.

    • A Man permalink
      October 14, 2017 1:44 am

      AliB, you said like a misinformed fool. The use of another human being for sex isn’t in anyway degrading and is something that has been done throughout the history of our species. Human trafficking and slavery are discussing on the other hand, however sexbots CAN and WILL help quell it altogether.

      You’re either a scared/jealous women, or a man with a low sex drive. Yes men DO need sex to survive. There have been a ton of rapes and mass shooting committed by male virgins simply due to the fact that they wanted to have sex. Promoting love and sex for all is what modern society pushes on people and it didn’t/doesn’t work it’s just more of the same.

      Want to prevent people like Elliot Roger for going insane with their BASIC NEED for SEX? Then have them use a sexbot, if they’re as good as they’re expected to be and the AI is convincing then we will never have tragedies like these anymore. I fundamentally disagree with you statement that men don’t need sex to survive. Men’s urge for sex is what drives most of modern civilization. My cousin I was very close with committed suicide at 22 because he felt as though he would never get any, or at least that was one of the primary reasons he had listed in his note. He was autistic and women always turned him down, one women led him on for two years and he finally worked up the courage to ask her out on a real date and she blew him off time and time again. This too can be prevented.

      In addition I would like to add feminists will get what they’ve always wanted they will be single and won’t have to deal with men “Catcalling” and “harassing” them ever again. Once these sexbots are on the market almost all men will opt into purchasing one as it will be cheaper and less emotionally draining than a girlfriend or wife. Men won’t even glace at real women anymore, and won’t bother real women anymore. After all why stick your dick in potentially diseased meat flaps when you can instead stick it in an even more pleasurable hole(or several) inside of a sexbot, I bet sexbots will be better than the real thing within the next 5 years or so.

      Sexbots will solve many of the worlds problems actually.


  1. Brothel Owner Wants Bunny Ranch to be Sexbot 'Testbed' - IT AND US

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