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Will The ESA Backpayments Take People Off Benefits?

March 22, 2018

A reader raised a good point in the comments of our recent post about the ESA backpayment blunder.

That point is:

So when people do get this money it will effectively take them off benefits until they reach the savings limit does this also mean they’ll automatically be placed on Universal Credit because it’s a change of circumstances they will be reassessed for ESA etc and will then have no choice but be reassessed every year have I got that right?

Under Universal Credit, a broader span of claimants are required to look for work than under Jobseeker’s Allowance. This has the effect of increasing the number of unemployed claimants

Our editor doesn’t yet know the answer to the question. However, the Government needs to clarify, at the earliest opportunity, whether the ESA backpayments will count towards the savings limit. Same Difference hopes that, since the money will be a backpayment from the DWP itself, caused by their own error, it will not count.

With the DWP, though, anything is possible.

Now we have to ask- could that be the whole point of these backpayments? We certainly hope not.



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  1. March 22, 2018 3:06 pm

    Reblogged this on sdbast.

  2. March 22, 2018 3:08 pm

    They always seem to find a way to screw us, I think they will this time too.

  3. mili68 permalink
    March 22, 2018 6:57 pm

    Reblogged this on disabledsingleparent.

  4. March 22, 2018 11:23 pm

    I would think these back payments will be for very selected claimants like those that shout the loudest
    for those without any family support there’ll in all probability knowing this government get nothing

  5. jeffrey davies permalink
    March 23, 2018 6:33 am

    oh dear out of the pot into the fi re all part of their aktion t4


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