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Make Scoliosis Screening Compulsory In All UK Schools

March 26, 2018

Same Difference has been asked to publicise the following petition. This is an important cause, please join us in signing.

It is estimated 4 out of every 1000 children in the UK have scoliosis. Once a curve reaches 40 degrees, spinal fusion surgery is the only option for treatment. Introducing a screening program into schools would reduce the number of patients undergoing major, invasive, life changing surgery.


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Around half of US States have compulsory screening in schools, the program is FREE other than a small cost to train a member of staff to be able to carry out the basic “Forward Bend” test. This is a simple solution to a massive, and growing, problem in our society. By catching scoliosis early, the options for treatment is wider and the life of the affected child would be less impacted. The overall cost on the NHS would be lower as each operation for the surgery alone costs in excess of £10,000.



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