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Alex Brooker: ‘I’m The Most Comfortable I’ve Ever Been With My Disability’

July 7, 2020

Alex Brooker was born with impairments in all four limbs and has been cracking jokes about it on Channel Four’s The Last Leg since 2012.

But becoming a dad and losing his own father has prompted Alex to take a more serious direction, and to ask some hard questions about his disability in a BBC Two documentary.

How did his parents react when he was born with multiple limb impairments? Do his children mind having a disabled father? And should he really have quit going to hospital appointments as soon as he reached 18?

Alex tells Emma Tracey how his kids capitalise on his need to don a prosthetic, about the surgery that went wrong, and the extremely competitive streak which recently got him in trouble at home.

Alex Brooker: Disability and Me is available on BBC iPlayer.

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