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World CP Day 2020 #CPMakeYourMark

October 6, 2020

Happy World Cerebral Palsy Day, readers.

October 6 is a special day for me. On this day, I celebrate my disability, my life and the support of my family and friends.

This year, World CP Day, like almost everything else, is being celebrated online, through the hashtag #MakeYourMark.

The World CP Day website says:

Make Your Mark This World CP Day

All around the world, people and communities have had to adapt to big changes caused by COVID-19.

People with cerebral palsy have mastered dealing with change, breaking down barriers, and coming up with creative solutions their whole lives.

Make Your Mark this World Cerebral Palsy Day. Show everyone how you adapt and innovate every day.

This year on October 6, we invite you to visit Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and share:

  • Your achievements
  • Solutions you’ve discovered
  • Changes you’re advocating for

Remember to tag us @worldcpday and use the hashtags #WorldCPDay and #CPMakeYourMark

Just in case the organisers of World CP Day pick this tiny little post up, I want to use it to let them know that this, right here, is how I make my mark. Here at Same Difference, I campaign for disability rights through words every single day.

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