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BREAKING NEWS: Thursday April 1st, 2021

April 1, 2021

Easter Bunny Comes Out Of Shielding

The Easter Bunny has been shielding against Coronavirus for the last year. At midnight tonight, he, like millions of humans across the UK, was allowed to come out of shielding.

He was naturally very excited to leave his burrow for the first time since last summer. He told Same Difference that he was very relieved that shielding has ended just in time for Good Friday so that human children can get their Easter eggs on time.

Humans attending vaccination centres throughout England today may have seen him. He has been on a tour of all of England’s vaccination centres by wheelchair today, giving out chocolate treats to parents and grandparents for the children they know. He will be touring the rest of the UK’s vaccination centres over Easter weekend.

Same Difference asked him what was the first thing he did outside his burrow. He told us how he went for a midnight wheel to a shop in search of carrots!

He joins us in wondering what shielding humans will do first today. We would all love to hear your out-of-shielding stories.

We wish you fun and laughter with your families this Easter weekend in the fresh air.

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