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Webinar- Acupuncture For Pain: Your Questions Answered

April 6, 2021

Same Difference has been asked to publicise the below webinar. We do so with pleasure.


Patrick Thamotheram runs an acupuncture clinic in North West London which specialises in pain. Please contact him on 07746 960 760 or via his website:

If you want to know more about what acupuncture can do for pain, join this free webinar being run by the British Acupuncture Council on 12 April.

The BAcC has put together a panel of three of the most senior acupuncturists in the UK to answer questions from the public about acupuncture. On the panel will be:

• Angela Hicks – Joint Principal and co-founder of the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine

• Felicity Moir – Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Educational Consultant

• Richard Blackwell – Principal at the Northern College of Acupuncture–

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