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Same Difference Is 15!

June 21, 2022

Same Difference is 15 today!

It’s hard to believe but as a THANK YOU to every single reader for every single hit, we are linking to our top 15 posts of all time.


1. Our Home Page

2. DWP To Terminally Ill Claimant: If You Don’t Die Within Six Months, We’ll Prosecute You

3. Finding A Job When Colour Blind

4. Is Dyslexia A DisAbility?

5. New PIP Descriptors For ‘Planning And Following Journeys’ From 16 March Will Exclude MH Claimants

6. Father Takes Son With Mental Age 5 To No 10 To Tell PM ‘If He Can Work, You Give Him A Job’

7. Jono Lancaster Follow Up: So What If My Baby Is Born Like Me?

8. Inspirational Music Videos For DisAbled Music Fans

9. Why People With Learning DisAbilities Shouldn’t Have Children

10. Some 2016 And 2017 PIP Awards Being Assessed Early

11. YouGov Are Asking Whether Benefit Claimants Should Be Allowed To Vote

12. What PIP Telephone Assessments Are Really Like, Part Two

13. On Universal Credit? No Allowances For Holidays

14. DVLA Website Lets Visitors Check On Neighbours Benefits

15. Flowers For The Fallen Of ATOS

Readers, here’s to the next 15 years!


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